Midway rides


Spinning round and round at high speeds, daring the frightening drops on the roller coaster, being spun every which way 60 feet above the air on the Fireball, these and many like them are the Thrill rides and Spectacular rides that only the most daring of our carnival visitors ride. Our Family rides provide thrills that the whole family can enjoy. From the simulated hang gliding experience of the Cliff Hanger to the family sized Wacky Worm roller coaster to old favorites such as the Tilt A Whirl and Scrambler, Wade Shows has dozens of rides designed with family thrills in mind. When if comes to our children, you can find bears, dragons and monkeys, just to name a few of the characters you can find on a Wade Shows Kiddie-land. Kids can ride their own cars, trains, planes, airplanes and even submarines. There are dozens of choices on every Wade Shows midway. Parents can ride along on many of our attractions and no visit to our Kiddie-land is complete without a ride on the Carousel.

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