School Art

Thirty-Ninth Annual School Art Show

Premium Offered:
First Place: $40
Second Place: $25
Third Place: $15

Division 1 (7th – 9th Grade)
1. Opaque (acrylic & oils)
2. Water Color
3. Drawing (pencil, charcoal, & ink)
4. Color Drawing (pastel, color pencil)
5. Sculpture in the Round, Relief
6. Mixed Media
7. Print Making (etching, wood, Block printing, etc.)

Division 2 (10th – 12th Grade)
8. Opaque (acrylic & oils)
9. Water Color
10. Drawing (pencil, charcoal, & ink)
11. Color Drawing (pastel, color pencil)
12. Sculpture in the Round, Relief
13. Mixed Media
14. Print Making (etching, wood, Block printing, etc.)

(Entry Fee $5 each)
1. Artist must be student in grades 7th – 12th.
2. Artist will be limited to a total of three (3) entries with a fee of $5.00 per entry.
3. Artist will be limited to one entry per class.
4. Artist will have to make entries online. Artist may start enter their entries starting on August 15th and online deadline is Friday, October 13, 2017.
5. Paintings, drawings, or prints must be either framed or matted and wrapped in acetate or entry will not be accepted. No saw tooth hangers or pre-fab attachments allowed. Size of entry may not exceed three (3) feet by three (3) feet, including sculptures.
6. All work must be original and completed entirely by the artist within the year (since the 2016 Fair). Copies of paintings, kits, or any work that has been exhibited previously in the Fair will be disqualified.
7. The Fair reserves the right to refuse entries. Entries will be exhibited according to space available.
8. All rules of the Fair apply to this show.
9. Reasonable care will be used at all times in handling entries, but entries will not be insured. Neither the Alabama National Fair, the Kiwanis Club of Montgomery, nor the Garrett Coliseum Redevelopment Corporation will be responsible for any loss or damages whatsoever.
10. Judging by a qualified judge will take place before the Fair opens.

11. Artwork will be accepted on Thursday, October 19th and Friday, October 20th from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Enter Coliseum at the North Entrance, go up the ramp at North Entrance gate to the second floor.
12. Entries must be identified with pre-printed entry tags once the art is entered online. The entry tags will be printed in the Fair Office and artwork will be tagged upon arrival at the Fairgrounds.
13. Entries may not be removed from the exhibit until Monday, November 6th, between 3:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. If artwork is not pick up by 5:30 p.m. on Monday, November 6th, artwork will be discarded.
14. School not wishing to submit entries online need to contact the Fair Office and speak with Stephanie Pittman to make other arrangements.


For printable rules: 2017 School Art Brochure


7TH – 9TH Grade

01-Opaque (Acrylic & Oils)

1st Place: Emma Garrison (Montgomery Catholic)

2nd Place: Wyatt Bowen (Montgomery Academy)

3rd Place: Reese Parker (Montgomery Academy)

HM: Kolbi Bates (Floyd Middle Magnet)


02 – Water Color

1st Place: Julie Lee (Fine Arts Studio)

2nd Place: Junseo Park (Fine Arts Studio)

3rd Place: Kolbi Bates (Floyd Middle Magnet)

HM: Jaiivy Raines (Montgomery Academy)


03 – Drawing (Pencil, Charcoal & Ink)

1st Place: Adela Sheng (Fine Arts Studio)

2nd Place: Abby Baird (Montgomery Academy)

3rd Place: Courtne Huynh (Saint James School)

HM: Renee Greene (Saint James School)


04 – Color Drawing (Pastel, Colored Pencil)

1st Place: Nadia Choi (Fine Arts Studio)

2nd Place: Emma Garrison (Montgomery Catholic)

3rd Place: Isabel Hill (Montgomery Academy)

HM: Hayoung Lee (Fine Arts Studio)


06 – Mixed Media

1st Place: Mary Armstrong (Montgomery Academy)

2nd Place: Katie Brown (Montgomery Academy)

3rd Place: Emily Benefield (Montgomery Academy)

HM: Thomas Lester (Montgomery Academy)


07 – Print Making (Etching, Wood, Block Printing, etc)

1st Place: Reese Parker (Montgomery Academy)

2nd Place: George Killough (Saint James School)

3rd Place: Chelsea Trimble (Montgomery Academy)

HM: Sydney Baker (Saint James School)


10th – 12th Grade

08 – Opaque (Acrylic & Oils)

1st Place: Nayoon Kang (Fine Arts Studio)

2nd Place: Yevin Min (Fine Arts Studio)

3rd Place: Christin Choi (Saint James School)

HM: Carley Taylor (Stanhope Elmore High School)


09 – Water Color

1st Place: Sarah Eunsu Kim (Fine Arts Studio)

2nd Place: Ella Skier (Saint James School)

3rd Place: Jake Hasting (Saint James School)

HM: Hanah Ray (Saint James School)


10 – Drawing (Pencil, Charcoal & Ink)

1st Place: Janice JI (Fine Arts Studio)

2nd Place: Inji Lim

3rd Place: Payton Christia (Saint James School)

HM: Greta Decker (Saint James School)


11 – Color Drawing (Pastel, Colored Pencil)

1st Place: Jiyoon Moon (Fine Arts Studio)

2nd Place: Chloe Newell (Montgomery Catholic)

3rd Place: Kylie Eng (Saint James School)

HM: Samantha Zanglin (Montgomery Catholic)


12 – Sculpture

1st Place: Claudia Hubbard (Saint James School)


13 – Mixed Media

1st Place: Hyeonjung Kang (Fine Arts Studio)

2nd Place: Jinwoo Kim (Saint James School)

3rd Place: George Kent (Saint James School)

HM: Jahari Foster (Park Crossing High School)


14 – Print Making (Etching, Wood, Block Printing, etc)

1st Place: Dayoung Lee (Saint James School)

2nd Place: Jake Hasting (Saint James School)

3rd Place: Kylie Eng (Saint James School)

HM: Jinwoo Kim (Saint James School)