Robotics Competition

The Alabama National Fair presents, for the first time, the VEX robotics competition! Middle and high school teams from 5 Alabama schools are participating today for 2 slots at the Alabama State Robotics Competition in March. Teams design, construct, program and drive robots using parts made by the VEX Robotics Corporation.

This year’s game is Tower Takeover. To learn more about today’s game, click here

At this website is the game video, the game manual, and an app (VRC Hub) to download and follow the competition in real time. Teams will play in qualifying matches; based on rankings after lunch, teams will pick alliances and compete in single elimination until a tournament champion alliance wins.

Tentative Agenda (subject to change):

 9:45 Drivers/Coaches Meeting
10:00 Opening Ceremony
10:05 Begin Qualification Rounds

12:00-12:45 Lunch  

2:30 End Qualification Rounds
3:00 Alliance Selection
3:30 Elimination Rounds Begin
4:00 Elimination Rounds End
4:20  Awards/Closing Ceremony

Teams will be practicing their driving and programming skills on the coliseum floor in competition as well.

Here are the teams competing in the competition this year:
Vestavia Hills High School
Team A
Team B
Team C
Team D

Cole’s Garage: Third Eye

Loose Screws
Day 1
Freshman Olympics
Ladies of LAMP

Montgomery Catholic
Happy Little Accidents
Last Resort
The Sevies

BrewTech Robotics – B
BrewTech Robotics – R
BrewTech Robotics – S