Daily Family Fun

Hambone Express


Known as the Swiftest Swine off the line, Ham Bone Express 3 is a fast paced, visually impressive and hilarious show from Fayetteville, Arkansas. As an audience member, you will be in for a first-class pig racing affair. As the swinemaster assigns each cheering section with one special cheerleader, the morale within the crowd grows as pigs race for the finish. The winning section’s special cheerleader receives a pig nose accompanied by a victory dance while the pig receives all the Oreos they can stomach. Ham Bone Express 3 Pig Racing is owned and operated by the Boger family. This show remains one of the Boger’s three independently owned and operated units. The Boger family has a legacy of family entertainment traced back to the 1960’s, with Charles and Carol Boger currently heading the operation. This event promises a squealing good time for all involved! Ham Bone Express 3 Racing Pigs is brought to you by ALFA.


TMHPgofest_407 (2)imberworks Lumberjack Show

Timberworks Lumberjack Show has been captivating audiences for 25 years with thrilling events such as axe throwing, springboard chopping, log-rolling, cross-cut sawing, speed climbing, chainsaw carving, and so much more! These century old skills were utilized throughout logging camps of North America and Lumberjacks would challenge one another to pass idle time developing their skills further. Log rolling, known as the fan favorite, is the most difficult event in lumberjack history. Athleticism, balance and concentration remains the core of a modern-day River Pig or log roller. You will be kept on the edge of your seat watching these daring individuals take a modern spin on traditional lumberjack skills. This deep-rooted, awesome event is presented by Capitol Chevrolet The House of Courtesy since 1919.

Zerbini Family Circus


Look for the Big Top to catch the greatest one ring circus to travel across the nation. Under the big top you can find acrobats, trapeze artists, daredevils of all kinds, circus clowns, dancers and master jugglers who will leave you in awe. Only to be relieved by preforming animals filling the circus with laughter. Zerbini Family Circus is a family oriented, colorful event presented by Tucker Pecan Company, The Natural Choice since 1952.



World of Wonders

IMG_0835 (2)

Presenting 10 unusual and amazing sideshow acts under a Big Top Tent. Sword swallowing, fire eaters, champion hula hoop artists, the headless girl and more! This show is combined with the Escape Explosion Show which is a fully self-contained show with amazing escapes from ropes, chains, hand cuffs, giant whiskey barrel and for the finale an upside down straight jacket escape on an elaborate 30-foot-tall aerial rigging!

Scott’s World of Magic Show

Scott’s World of Magic Show will “Magically Appear” Scotts world of Magicat the Alabama National Fair. This show captures the attention and imagination of kids from age 2, to age 92! Neon, Special FX, Lasers, and even a Live Robot can be seen floating “In The Air”! Kids get there early for a front row seat on the MAGIC CARPET. With Comedy Magic, Audience Participation and Exciting Grand Illusions, it is a show the entire family won’t want to miss!